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Tue, May 4, 2021 2:16 AM

What’s the top-up you need for your StarHub Prepaid SIM Card?

What’s the top-up you need for your StarHub Prepaid SIM Card?

StarHub Prepaid SIM Cards can be topped up based on your needs anytime, anywhere at your own convenience via online or other top-up channels. We have voice and data top-ups and Main Wallet top-ups for flexibility. But what top-up should you buy that suits your needs? Let’s look below.  

Choose from these Main Wallet top-ups 

Do you need the flexibility to buy data plans and Value-Added Services to your StarHub Prepaid SIM Card? Then, pick any top-up that gives you Main Wallet credit. The main wallet credit will enable you to buy data plans and other add-ons such as Happy Transfer, Unlimited Incoming Calls and more.  

Prepaid Top-up  Validity Main Wallet Credit  Bonus Credit Free Incoming Calls 
$10  120 Days $10 - -
$18 180 Days $18 $2.00 20 Days
$20 180 Days $20 $3.00 20 Days
$30 180 Days $30 $4.50 20 Days
$50 180 Days $50 $7.50 20 Days
$80 180 Days $80 $12.00 20 Days

Pick from these Voice and Data Top-ups 

If you want calls and data right away, choose from our Happy Stars top-up. This is for Prepaid customers who aren’t heavy data users but will need more than enough local outgoing minutes and SMS to keep in touch with family and friends. Plus, you’ll get data credits to use and unlimited LINE/WeChat which you can utilize to lessen using your bundled local SMS. However, the $17 Happy Stars does not include main credit balance. Meanwhile, the $25 Happy Stars Plus includes $10. 

$17 Happy Stars Top-Up  $25 Happy Stars Top-Up 
Retail Price  $17 $25
Validity 30 Days 50 Days
Main Credit  N/A $10
Data 200MB for 30 days  400MB for 50 days 
Local Outgoing Calls  120 Minutes  120 Minutes 
Local SMS 500 500
Additional Benefits  Free incoming calls + Unlimited LINE/WeChat  Free incoming calls + Unlimited LINE/WeChat 

Enjoy more data with Happy Data 30! 

Do you need more data? Grab the best value bundle with Happy Data 30 which comes with more data on superfast 4G, SMS and voice calls. So, if you need more data especially if you want to stay connected online all the time, and as well as more talk time and SMS to contact everyone you know then this is for you.  

Happy Data 30  
Retail Price  $30
Data 30GB
Incoming Calls Free for 30 days
Local Outgoing Calls  150 minutes
Local SMS 1,000 SMS

If you’ve purchased Happy Data 30 already but needs more local talk time or data, you can simply activate a Happy Data 30 Add-on. 

Add-ons Bundle Inclusions  Price
Talktime Plus 15  15-Day 100 min Local Talktime 
15-Day Free Incoming Calls 
Data Plus 15  15-Day 2GB of 4G Data 
15-Day Free Incoming Calls 

Looking for more data plan options for your StarHub Prepaid SIM Card? Check out our WOW Data Plans. 

Decided on your top-up? You may now top-up your StarHub Mobile Prepaid SIM Card through our different ways here 


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