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Thu, Apr 2, 2020 11:00 PM

Manage your StarHub broadband services on My StarHub App

Say hello to My StarHub App (MSA), where you can manage your StarHub broadband service anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks on your mobile phone. Through this, you would have easy access to modify your subscription, easily pay your bills, change your contact details and other service transactions. Here are the lists of service transactions you can do on MSA.


                              Broadband Subscription

View Broadband Subscription(s) plan details

  • Contract Details (Start date, End date, Recontract Status)

View the following:

  • Upload and download speed
  • Circuit ID
  • Service Address
  • Contract Service Agreement

Check Recontract Eligibility


Check Planned / Ongoing Maintenance

Modify Broadband Value-Added Service

  • JuniorProtect (Broadband)

Service Relocation

Service Relocation (Route to SH Webform)

Information Related to Broadband

  • Improving Home Wi-Fi signal
  • About Wi-Fi Extenders and Mesh Systems


         Personal Information / Preference Configuration

Change Hub iD and Hub iD Password

Update Contact Details


                            Billing Related Services

View the following:

  • Bill Account(s) Number
  • Outstanding Balance
  • Payment Method

Change the following:

  • Bill Delivery Method and Bill Notification Method
  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method

Rename Billing Account Name

Transfer Service to Another Billing Account

Merge Multiple Billing Accounts


                                    Other Services

View Account Activity

Book eAppointment for Shops

Cancel eAppointment for Shops

Locate Shops

Reschedule StarHub appointment or Mobile Delivery


You may also refer to these self-help articles to view the service transactions you can do on My StarHub App for your StarHub TV and mobile service.

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