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Mon, Jul 26, 2021 9:07 AM

A Look between StarHub’s SmartWiFi and Smart WiFi Pro

A Look between StarHub’s SmartWiFi and Smart WiFi Pro

An internet connection is a necessity for every home nowadays, right? We always connect with our loved ones, must get through work-from-home workload, and enjoy a little R&R with our favourite shows and movies. That’s why you need the best broadband plan for your online activities! Good thing, you can enjoy the best WiFi coverage with StarHub’s Smart WiFi and Smart WiFi Pro!  

Get a FREE Smart WiFi worth $199 for new sign-ups to 1Gbps Fibre broadband plan. On the other hand, sign up or recontract to 2Gbps Fibre broadband for a FREE Smart WiFi Pro worth $399. 

Can’t decide which router should you get? Well, here are the reasons to help you choose which best suits your needs.  

Smart WiFi 

Smart WiFi Pro


Its intelligent self-organizing mesh and built-in edge analytics deliver optimal wireless coverage. 


Moreover, its Dynamic Frequency Selection band provides additional 5GHz channels, enabling better performance in a router and helping to improve the internet speed. 

Its intelligent Mesh technology, combined with WiFi 6, is designed to deliver gigabit WiFi speeds to cover every corner of your home. The WiFi 6 allows having 40+ connected devices at gigabit WiFi speed.  


The best part is it provides 4X more speed compared to the WiFi 5 standard. 


Installation is easy as plug-and-play. With the Nokia WiFi app, you can manage parental controls, view connections strength, and see connected devices.   Setting up is very straightforward. The Linksys app lets you conduct speed tests, allows you to set up Parental Controls, manages devices that need mot speed. 


It looks smart and sleek allowing you to place it anywhere in your home. Its classy appearance can fit along with any type of home decor.  It's sleek, which doesn’t occupy too much space, fits anywhere and can go along with your home decor. 

Units of Smart WiFi/Smart WiFi Pro based on housing type 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now to our any of our Fibre Broadband plans via Online Store to get the best digital experience for work and play!  

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