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Wed, Nov 24, 2021 3:23 AM

StarHub Careless Attitude Towards Senior Citizens

I have a Senior’s Plan with StarHub which expires soon. 

I tried to renew/continue my contract online and via their StarHub app but was unable to do so.

I then called the hotline for assistance and was informed that the ONLY way to recontract my line was to go to a StarHub shop. 

I cannot understand that a technology company like StarHub does not provide online renewals for seniors. 

This is especially critical given that we are in a pandemic with many seniors dying everyday & the government encouraging seniors to stay home!

Yet, StarHub mandates seniors to renew their contracts ONLY at their StarHub outlets. 

Is StarHub a company that has no regard for the human life? 

I am absolute dumbfounded. 

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Hi @, first of, I'm sorry that I had to remove your email address as this is a public forum to protect your privacy and security. To answer your question, our Seniors Go Digital Mobile Plans can be signed-up/recontracted via our StarHub Shops. However, there are instances which are case-by-case basis where senior customers can recontract through our Telesales by calling 1630. 

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