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Sun, Oct 11, 2020 6:44 AM

Termination of SIM plan contract


I want to terminate my mobile SIM plan, but I have already left Singapore. I was told I can easliy do this online, but I cannot find any information or contact on how to do it.


Can you help me how to do that?

Thank you!





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1 y ago

Hi @davemaster, we're sad to hear about your decision to discontinue your mobile service. To terminate your service, please reach out to my colleagues via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below. Do note that if you're under a contract that the termination will lead to Early Termination Charges. The termination request will be completed within an hour. You will receive an SMS/email notification to acknowledge your termination request. Once it has been completed, you will receive another notification to confirm it. Lastly, upon the termination of the service, a final bill invoice will be generated, indicating the pro-rated billing adjustments.

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