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Sat, Nov 7, 2020 4:52 PM

Switching from Contract Plan to 1-Year Sim Only Plan.


I currently have a mobile plan set to expire on April 2021.

But I was just wondering, as recontract eligibility is upon reaching 21 months of the contract, would it be possible to switch from my current plan to the new 1 Year Sim Only Plan?

Or do I have to wait till my contract expires on April 2021?





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1 y ago

Hi @Seansoo93, warmest welcome to GreenR Community. Thank you for your continued support to StarHub. Since you're still tied to a contract, you are not yet able to switch to our SIM Only Plans. Please be informed that if you are on a 2-year plan contract, you'll need to finish your contract first before switching to our SIM Only Plans. Thank you! 

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