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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 4:23 AM

Starhub SG - Breaching the contract

I worked as a contract staff to a leading Bank in Singapore. I have received a telco promo email from HR. 
Using my contract staff pass and EP as proof, I have successfully booked the postpaid mobile connection on contract with CIS Promo that has free Caller Number Display for 24 months from Nov 2018 to Nov 2020 

I was not using some value added services that I was trying to disable. That time I wrongly selected Caller No display. While saving changes I noticed I have choosen to remove Caller No Display. But instead of selecting cancel, I have pressed ok by mistake. 

I have reported the same to the customer care via email. They asked to submit the proof again. I have given the same contract staff pass card and EP. However this time, customer service personnel said proof not sufficient. I had an arguement how come it was accepted while creating new contract.

My friend advised me to keep paying the bill  and told me to ask them to adjust during  re-contract time. 

Unfortunately due to covid-19 pandemic, I have moved back to my home country by Jun 2020. But still I have made all the payments on time for the complete contract period Nov 2018 to Nov 2020

Now am closing the contract. I have raised a dispute with Starhub that they need to refund the excess amount charged for Caller no display which was supposed to be free as per the contract. Starhub staffs are not even understanding that it is Starhub responsibility to refund as per the contract and even negotiating to refund partial amount. 
Sorry for the lengthy narration of my story. Whether I get refund or not, I wanted to bring this to the notice of the community. Please help by spending your valuable time to answer on the following points.

Points for discussion:

 1. Why caller no display is not a mandatory feature. I feel telcos in SG are just trying to trick their customers saying these are Value added services. In many countries this is a mandatory feature. Do you agree this must be a mandatory feature?

 2. When some features are free through out contract period,  why it is allowed to remove when technically feasible to disallow it. Is the intention is to trap customers like this?

3. If the feature added again why it is charged. It must be free as per the contract right. If it is not reflecting as per the contract, then do you think Starhub system not capable of handling this technically and need to work on it?

 4. Do you think Starhub is breaching the contract if it refuse to make full refund?

5. Do you think Starhub need to train their their staffs on business ethics? All these could have been avoided if it was handled properly by the staff during intial request itself. 

Finally if Starhub continue to be like this, they are going to lose good customers like me (assume I am a good customer 😁 as I have paid all my bills as soon as it is generated). Trust me, if i ever need a connection again, I will think twice to go ahead with Stathub. 

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