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Wed, May 26, 2021 1:50 PM

I felt discriminated by Starhub

After making multiple calls and sending multiple emails, my energy is drained now.

Long story cut short, about one month after subscribing one mobile line with Starhub, I intended to subscribe a second mobile line. To my shocking dismay, I was told that I am limited to only one mobile line service with Starhub. I asked why... many times... thru various channels... only to get similar replies saying that I am ineligible based on an internal assessment.

What assessment is that? I asked multiple times but Starhub did not provide any satisfactory explanation. Is this some kind of discrimination? Finally, one of the customer service representative shared that their assessment is based on Starhub Customer Rating (SCR) and Telco Credit Bureau Singapore (TCBS).

I have never defaulted on any payments to any telcos or any other organizations. I am very confident that I have excellent credit worthiness rating with Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS). 

The other possible reason is the Starhub Customer Rating (SCR) and it really makes me wonder how and why they have rated me as ineligible. I am an ordinary salaried employee, I pay my bills via Giro or recurring credit card payments, pay my credit cards via Giro, I have no bad records, no brushes with the law and no whatsoever... you name it. I really can't find a reason why Starhub is refusing customers and they are not telling me either. 

What is happening??????????????????????????




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6 m ago

Hi @user_ed151e, I'm sorry to hear about this. Like what was previously mentioned to you the subscription eligibility is based on the eligibility assessment that StarHub will conduct at the point of sale. Unfortunately. we are unable to further disclose the rationale on this as it is confidential. Moreover, StarHub does not tolerate discrimination, we treat our customers fairly. I hope you understand, thank you. 

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