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Wed, Oct 20, 2021 3:15 PM

How to recontract when I'm overseas now?

Hi I received the starhub message to redeem my recontract voucher by end of 29Oct2021. However I'm overseas now due to COVID period. My wife who stay at SG went to starhub center and they said can recontract through online store, but MUST present my NRIC during delivery. How can I present my NRIC to the delivery man meanwhile I'm overseas?

Anyone can help for my issue please? Thank you.




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1 m ago

Hi @user_8da138, we advise our customers to personally receive delivery of their orders. However, for recontract customers, should they wish to have someone receive their order on their behalf, please inform our staff in advance and arrange for the relevant documents available for verification by our colleague.

  • Your original NRIC/FIN/passport*
  • The original NRIC/FIN/passport* of the person receiving the items on your behalf.

*Please note that photocopies will not be accepted.


Moreover, let me just share that our new Recontract Voucher scheme no longer has an expiry date so you can use them anytime you want on a handset you like. You will only see the recontract voucher after selecting the eligible line to recontract. 

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