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Wed, Jan 14, 2015 5:00 PM

Billing enquiry

I was calling StarHub billing enquiry contact number for two days. Nobody answered the phone call. That's why I drop my message here.


Mobile is SmartSurf HD Plus plan. Billing no. is 0186856130012015 date from 01/01/15 to 31/01/15.

Problem :  Caller No. Display is charged 5 dollar while it should be free  according to the contract and International Roaming is charged 8 dollar while I use this mobile for local only.


I hope this issue to be fixed. Kindly help me please.

Thanks in advance.


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7 y ago

Which number you call? You can also try 1633 instead of 1637.


And based on your problem, as I'm aware the Caller Number Display is yes chargeable @ $5/Mth unless you're under sort of company promo/discount where they giving it free.


And for the Roaming services, you may want to call them to terminate it or else they'll stll charging you again on the next bill.


And I do believe for this not so complex issue, consultant from 1633 will be able to assist/clarify with you on the matter. No need to specifically direct it to billing.

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3 m ago

My account no. is < removed private information >.I was travelling to China from 29th July to 20th August and I had activated Data travel plan for DT2 first on 29th July and later DT3 was activated on 6th August.The final bill is for August and September found to be very high  mainly due to data roaming charges applied everyday .Pls clarify why data roaming charges were different amount when I was only at China at one location.

Appreciate early response.





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Hi @user_c0b952, first of,  I had to remove the account number you posted as this is a public forum to protect your privacy. For your roaming charges concern, I'm sorry to hear about this. We will need to refer to your account details first to further assist you. May we ask you to please contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below? Apologies as we don't have access to your account details here for security. Rest assured, they'll be able to straighten this out for you. 



~ Carla



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