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Tue, Oct 19, 2021 11:37 PM


My two year contract of mobile plan with starhub ended in March 2021 , which I wasn't aware. My plan was 4G5 with mobile - 75$ / month. A sim-only plan with 4G5 costs only 20$ /month.  So I believe the extra 55$/month is only for the phone, which I had already paid for 24 months.   


But STARHUB continued to charge me that extra 55 $ even after the 24 months,  which is completely unfair and UNACCEPTABLE.   Fortunately I saw the bill, if not I would have been charged that extra 55$ every month UpTo today Oct 2021. 


Why did not STARHUB intimate that they will continue to charge for the device even after I had paid the FULL AMOUNT for device.  ??

Moreover , Why are you charging the EXTRA AMOUNT FOR DEVICE even after the contract is over ??


Any Customer Service , please reply ..




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1 m ago

Hi @Ariya2727, I am sorry to hear about this. I would like to assist you, however, we have stopped processing account-related issues here in the Community. Moreover, we need to refer to your account details first which we don't have access to here for privacy and security. So, please kindly direct your query over to Facebook Messenger. Rest assured, they'll do everything to straighten this out. 

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