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Wed, Aug 25, 2021 2:17 PM

Complaint on starhub public relation

My phone network has been giving me problems since March 2021. I’ve been trying to solve this issue with starhub but unfortunately there’s no solution and bad luck with the people relation team. 
I am using the highest plan and iphone 12pro so I dont see why I cannot connect to the data. Nobody in starhub can give a solution. 
After being a loyal customer of 8 years, I want to make known 5 points to the public on how starhub works. It’s totally rubbish! If my line is all WITHOUT CONTRACT anymore I will plot over to other telcos immediately. ( I’ve been asking them to allow me to plot over with their consent BUT NOONE could give authority to this) 
1) One of the “onboarding” manager, Gerrard is concurrently handling my case but he is so useless until he can’t even do a simple call back to customer. Over promise customer day by day to call back but he never! How can he be a manager without even knowing how to make calls? 
2) Gerrard offers first step solution to waive of 3 months of my bills but it is not recorded into their system so my line got cut off ALL THE TIME. I have to spend half an hour everyday to call starhub, speak to customer service, verify my particulars and repeat my story over 6 months?!! what is this?! such big reputable company does not have ANY OTHER direct line or ANY OTHER feedbacks email that we can send to? 
By the way the feedback@starhub email is also rubbish. Always give template replies only. 
3) They send sms to me saying they will call back at a designated time but this is so not true. 
4) this situation is getting way out of control as I always couldnt contact my family when I am outside DUE TO NO CONNECTION and this is one big issue causing a lot of stress within my family. 
5) if I can bring this up to ANY government site, or MP i will make sure I show all the evidence to them

6) To be clear, the best solution to my situation is to allow me to plot all my 3 lines out from starhub without ANY penalty.




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3 m ago

Hi @user_a415d1, we're genuinely sorry that it is taking longer to resolve your concern. Please know that your concern is not taken lightly and it's never our intention to make things difficult for you. Unfortunately, I'm unable to check your account details here to check the status of your concern as we don't have access to account details here. So, kindly contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below to follow up your concern and escalate this to the relevant team. We appreciate that you have been patient on this matter. Thank you. 

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