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Thu, Jun 24, 2021 3:19 PM


Termination charges

I would like to feedback regarding the Starhub App. I have decided to terminate my contract and change to another telco so I checked my contract details on the Starhub app and it stated May 2021 with no charges. So i proceeded to terminate my contract. 

When my bills came, i was shocked that it was $500+ and i was charged $210 for early termination. I then called Starhub regarding the charges and was told that the app stated “no charges” is actually meant for early recontract and not termination. The guy even told me that I should call for confirmation before I terminate my contract.

I would like to suggest that Starhub should SPECIFICALLY state on its Starhub App that the “no charges” are meant for early recontract in order to prevent confusion to their users. Now I need to pay the charges when it’s not my fault that starhub did not state specifically. I was really disappointed with Starhub.


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5 m ago

Hi @user_7f132b , sorry to hear that you have encountered this. Could you share a screenshot of the screen that you are referring to on MSA, so that I can share your feedback. Of course, please mask any sensitive information. Thank you 

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5 m ago

Hi Jolene, 

I am a starhub subscriber , is there a way to PM you with regards to recontract vouchers. 




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Hi @user_e28e2c, what do you want to clarify regarding the recontract voucher?

~ Carla



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