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Fri, Aug 9, 2019 8:00 PM

Official complaint. Fibre Lost of Signal #LOS



My fibre modem indicated red blinking lights for LOS on Thursday at 4pm. On National Day Eve (gonna miss watching NDP!!)


Tried meddling with the cables at home n rebooting the system. No change. Called up the customer service, wss given an appointment on Saturday!!! (Definitely missing NDP and use if internet n wifi over long WEEKEND!!!!)


Saturday came, a Starhub technician came but was not able to repair as they need to activate another team to take a look at the signal source! I am mad after losing 3 days of broadband and TV services!!!! Now I will need to wait for 24-48hrs b4 someone update me on the next appointment with this so called special team. 


Not gonna resign to fate, I called 1633 and was addressed by an Albert who committed the mistake of not being attentive to the 1st round of me describing my problem. After giving a mouthful n less pleasant repetition, and of course verifying my details....I received a template reply, saying "we are not able to update you now but will have to wait for the other agency to call us back in the appointment date!!!!! So technically, I will have to contend with up to 5days of no broadband n tv services that I have PAID FOR!!!!! If I am to factor in the waiting time for boots to reach the ground...then I can see 7days of NO SERVICE!!!! 


Why is Starhub doing things this way? To add salt to the wound, I will have to bear transport fee for the Hub Troopers (fancy name huh?) who did not solve anything for a problem that is not my fault anyway. I was told by the technician that came on Saturday that someone from other agencies might have accidentally caused my signal to be lost when they access the switch room.......NOT MY FAULT! Why these people are given access to your fibre points (but your Hub Troopers cannot access) n make a mess is another thing that I cannot understand.


So pls tell me now:

1. When will these other technicians be coming to reconnect my signal?

2. Why can't they come immediately?

3. May I be waived from paying for these recovery services? Charge the meddling people for all I care!

4. I would like an immediate repsonse to fix this. 4-5 days of waiting is out of the question!!!


I have been a loyal Starhub broadband n tv subscriber since my parents plug us into the internet n cable tv and had continued to be one since I first own my own house (and this is already my 2nd house)! I don't deserve this kind of service recovery. I have been rejecting pple trying to hardsell me Mio services all the time. Maybe one of these days I will say yes to them. My contract gonna end soon anyway!






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2 y ago

Hi KhaiAman,


I am sorry to hear about this. I would like to assist you, however as we have stopped processing account related issues on community, please kindly direct your query over to Facebook messenger  ( or Twitter Direct Message ( so that we can log a case for you and respond to you there.


Please also include your registered name, registered mobile number, Hub ID/email address and service address (including postal code and unit numbers) in your private / direct message. Thank you.


- Jackson

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4 m ago

So at last what happened?? Coz i am experiencing this ‘LOS’ signal now..




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Hi @user_a1d5e5, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Kindly contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below as this will require further technical assistance. Thank you.

~ Carla



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