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Wed, Feb 17, 2021 1:38 PM

Move house after contract end

Hi all,

My 1Gbps Fiber contract has already end (now I am still paying the old monthly fee), and I will be moving house a few months later.

May I know which option below allow me to pay less?

- Brand new subscription at my new house, then terminate my current subscription at my current house.

- Recontract today, then move house later, I know there is a cost to request for move house.

Appreciate if anyone can give me some advices. thanks






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9 m ago

Hi @mobilebilly, thank you for your continued support for StarHub. Here are the answers for both scenarios:


If you get a new subscription at your new house, you will have to terminate your current broadband service which includes a fibre service disconnection fee of $32.10. Then, upon sign-up for a new broadband plan, then you will have to pay for service activation of $56.71, and service installation fee (free when you sign-up). You may refer here for all broadband charges. 


If you request for relocation while out of contract you will be charged with the relocation fee amounting to $120 (after GST). However, you may recontract to waive the relocation fee. Please take note of the different charges related to relocation. 


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