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Mon, Nov 2, 2015 2:00 PM

Activating 2nd port on nucleus connect modem

I've been told that only 1 port on my Nucleus Connect modem would be active since I only have 1 FO point. If I need another port to be activated, can this be done?

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1 y ago

Hello Carla,
Thank you again for your response. I will write email to activate my 2nd port to Nokia Beacons does not have enough port and i want to connect to the next one using ethernet. I also need to connect my TV using ethernet.

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2 m ago

Hi Bro, very straight forward. they indirectly telling you that you made a worse decision to take starhub and ask you to engege other subscriber if you want better broadband. i am also one of the victim similar like you. if my understanding is correct not only 2 of us, many impacted and starhub does not value customer to give better solution. no matter how many times you ask they are not gonna help you. they can activate port 1 and 3 for the same modem .just that they dont wanna open this for 1Mbps. because we are the cheaper customer for starhub. next time dont make mistake to take starhub. that is the final decision you can take. ha ha

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