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Sat, Jan 23, 2021 4:03 PM

How to we get the free WiFi router when we recontact?

I’m with starhub many years, my WiFi router was old and slow. Why starhub only give free WiFi to new user? Why not to your loyalty customer?




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10 m ago

Hi @Regnad, thanks for your interest to recontract to our fibre broadband plan. Currently, we are only offering free Smart WiFi unit(s) to those who will recontract to HomeHub+ 1G, HomeHub Plus 2G, and 2Gbps Fibre broadband plan. You may opt to purchase a Smart WiFi for $120 per unit or $5/month for 24 months if you recontract to our 1Gbps Fibre broadband plan. 


Moreover, you can also check out our current promotions available for you. 

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