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Thu, Sep 9, 2021 11:45 AM

Do not Recontract

I recontract my broadband on Aug 31, 2021. It’s the exact same service I am getting currently, except StarHub will install WiFi connectivity that is supposed to be better.  No one contacted me on the installation.  I called 1633, use WhatsApp service, they insisted someone will get back to me.  It has been over a week,  I am tired of following up on this.  I don’t want to recontract with StarHub anymore.  There is no benefit but a lot of work on my end to follow up.  




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3 m ago

Hi @user_b110be, we are genuinely sorry that we have not met your service expectations. We understand that you are frustrated about this. Please know it's not our intention to make things difficult for you. Unfortunately, we're are unable to access your account details here for security. May I trouble you to please send a message to our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger so they could escalate this to the relevant team. Rest assured, they'll do everything to straighten this out.


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