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Thu, Sep 19, 2019 3:00 AM

Water kefir – It’s what good culture is all about!

Hey there.


You’re probably wondering what water kefir is after reading the title.  After all, it’s not a drink commonly found in Singapore.


Water kefir is a carbonated fermented drink that’s full of probiotics that is good for digestive health. It’s easy to prepare (see my recipe below) and it’s a great alternative to all those on-the-shelves culture drinks that’s loaded with sugar. Think of it as bubble tea without the guilt.


Watch my video below to get started. There’s some links at the end of the article to point you to more resources. But really, the best guide that you can find out there is just below 😊.


Just kidding. Cheers and enjoy!


Recipe Summary

  • Ratio: 1 Tbsp Water Kefir Grains to 1 Tbsp of raw/unrefined or brown sugar to 1 Cup of water
  • Always use filtered / bottled water. Chlorine is bad for the grains.
  • Avoid metal utensils. Use glass, wood or plastic (BPA free).
  • First Fermentation: 48 hours
  • Second Fermentation (2F): 24 hours
  • Remove the grains before 2F as the grains should not be contaminated by fruits.


Feel free to ask in the comments or in the Facebook Group that I’ve linked under the Resources section.  And if anyone gets a culinary award selling water kefir from watching my video, remember to give me a mention in your acceptance speech. I’d appreciate that!



Facebook Group:


Note: The links above may ask you to buy a “starter kit” but you really don’t have to. Go to the Facebook Group above and ask for water kefir grains and share your location, it’s given away freely usually.

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