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Fri, May 28, 2021 3:19 AM

Urgent Enquiry on Starhub's efforts to build customer retention

Dear Starhub

After noticing that your website only provided a feedback form for customers and not any enquiry form, I had to call your hotline for an email address to which I can send a direct email. When asked about my concern, I mentioned that my family may be considering to port over our subscriptions to another service provider and wanted to check with Starhub before we do so, yet I was told that I could go ahead and contact the service provider that I am looking to port over to. Perhaps your staff should have asked for our reasons behind the decision and attempted to rectify them? I was much taken aback by how your staff has not been trained to retain your existing customers and appeared to be not only nonchalant but also eager to see us go.

I'm afraid Starhub's way of doing has been making me feel this way for some time. 

While my brother is just 14 years old this year, he has not been able to enjoy any student plan with you at all, yet the new plans available for recontract are only more expensive than his current plan.

Although my family has been signing contracts from Home Hub to all of our mobile lines with you for more than a decade, even before my brother was born, our requests for higher recontract vouchers have only been rejected.

Please let us know if there is any promotion you can offer apart from the existing plans for loyal customers, and if recontract vouchers can be based on our loyalty towards your company, instead of a mere $50 that is even lower than transferring our numbers to basically any other service provider out there.

This issue was urgent as some of our subscriptions with you have already ended and we would like to take action, whether to recontract or not. However, I am unsure how I could promptly reach you and can only leave a text here. I had also written in to you via the online feedback form on your official website.

I truly hope that Starhub would make an effort to retain their existing customers during a competitive time like now.




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6 m ago

Hi @user_28a305, warmest welcome to GreenR Community! We appreciate your continued support and loyalty to StarHub. Usually, we send targeted campaigns and promos via SMS/email to our existing customers who are due for recontract. You didn't receive any?


Moreover, we now have a new Recontract Voucher scheme, wherein the Recontract Voucher will no longer have an expiry date so you can use them anytime you want on a handset you like. You can see the recontract voucher after selecting the eligible line to recontract. See sample screenshot below:



The value of the voucher will be rewarded according to the tier of the mobile plan you will sign up for – the higher the tier of the mobile plan, the higher the voucher value. For example, if you are currently on a $50 2-year plan and decide to recontract to a Mobile+ $95 2-year plan, you will enjoy a $100 voucher instead of the current $50.


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