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Wed, Jan 10, 2018 6:00 PM

Complaint - PART 2 - Customer Service Sucks!!!

Your customer service really sucks!


After all the disruption and inconvenience made to me, a total of 13 days (24/12/17 to 05/01/18), your team still requested me to pay for the new modem and direct all faults to the modem, not admitting that Starhub was at fault in cutting my home line and internet off in the first place.


If you can draw out all conversations recording I had with all your staffs from 24/12/17 to 05/01/18, you will know how frustration I get to keep waiting and waiting for solution.


Had it been for the faulty modem in the first place, why would your staff told me not to go to the Starhub outlet to purchase a new modem over the counter. My problem would have be solved by Christmas day and not until now that you told me it is the fault of the modem. Your staff told me that even if I purchase a new modem over the counter, I will not get back my home line and internet as at Starhub end, you have already upgrade my plan to HomeHub-1000. I have to wait for your sales team to cancel the upgrade and revert back to my original subscription plan which does not happened until 02/01/18 as it is the festive season.


My Home line and internet still remained shut and I have to post in the Community forum to get help.

All the trouble and hassle, all I get was you can only waive off my Digital Voice for 1 month which is $3.96 and you insist I pay for the new modem. What a Joke!!! My expenses has exceeded more than that!!!


No Apology at all after all these.


Good Luck to all those Customer who want to do any upgrade!

Pray Hard nothing wrong with your existing equipment when they do the upgrade, otherwise they will push the blame to you and you have to pay all expenses incurred including the new equipment!!!.


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Hi MuiSK25, let me highlight this to our Customer Service team for you.

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