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Sat, Dec 26, 2020 4:52 AM

Changes to tagged mobile plans in my Hub Club bundle.

My parents mobile lines ( both using data plans, out of contract now), my wife's recently recontracted and my own, just ported in under a SIM only, no contract data plan are all tagged under my Hub Club to my residential address. So the eligible mobile plans ( 3 lines, excluding my SIM only line) are enjoying 30% discounts monthly. If my parents want to switch to the $8 Senior plan, how will this affect my Hub Club benefits and the monthly bill?




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Hi @jtupaz, warmest welcome to GreenR Community. Please be informed that the Senior promotion is mutually exclusive with HubClub and CIS discounts. This means if your parents siggn up with Senior promotion, HubClub or CIS discounts will not apply.

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