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Sun, Jun 27, 2021 2:17 AM

Changes to Hub Club Previledges

I was extremely disappointed when I went to the starhub shop and was told that if I wanted to port over another line, my privileges of HubClub will be downgraded:

I will not longer be eligible for annual phone upgrades and the multi-line discount for 4 phones will be lowered from 30% to 25%.

Worst is that these terms would probably have been missed out if I had ported the number online. 

It is extremely disappointing that StarHub has decided to penalise its loyal customers. Obviously I just walked out and will stick to the current telco and probably port out the 4 family lines I have with StarHub.

This is definitely not the way to go StarHub!




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5 m ago

Hi @Justbeer, unfortunately, what my colleagues said is correct. Moreover, we now have a new Hub Club Go programme. Please refer to this article for more information. 

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