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Sat, Dec 5, 2020 8:20 AM

To some one can answer

I had stop call to the hotline 1633 cause I knew they will do nothing. i had buy a iphone at online store with a new contract. i got email  order confirmed from starhub and the phone should be with me on 23 Nov but until now i had nothing. i make first call to 1633 on 23 Nov. they got my information and told me wait in 48 hours some one will contact to me. after 48 hours no one contact. i do a second call. Same the first call, get information and continue wait for a phone call in 48 hours. let's guess. i waited 48 hours. I still make 3th call. this time i send them order confirmed pictures by the sms link from them. one more they told me send feedback to starhub wed and again wait for 48 hours. again and again. i get cheated. i told to my self make last call to them with anger. thanks God. they gave me a call for again get information then tells me wait for 10 hours. until now more than 72 hour still not things. may be it's make fun for them. now i just want to know why and when i can get the phone.




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Hi @Ngoduongson, we're genuinely sorry to hear about this. I'd be glad to assist you, however, I don't have access to check your account details here. May I trouble you to please send a message to our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below for further assistance? Thank you. 

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