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Mon, Sep 27, 2021 7:34 AM

Starhub sucks

I made my first order with starhub on the 20th of September 2021. Firstly, their website is not intuitive at all. As a matter of fact, I faced many issues along the way. 

- I logged in to order, but when adding item to cart, I have to log in AGAIN EVERYTIME

- kept facing technical issues such as glitching or refreshing repeatedly for no reason (I didn't press anything)

- multiple other glitches for eg. the "next" button disappeared and I had to RESTART everything because I couldn't proceed.

- NO FOLLOW UP. I made an error in my first order but at that time, I didn't know, so I waited until the 25th and when my order wasn't delivered by the stipulated time (4-6pm), I realised something was wrong. In the mean time, starhub called me but i missed it and they never called/emailed me to inform me about the invalid order. (I called them on the 25th at 6pm and the customer service staff told me that I would still receive the order by 8pm or 12pm the next day. They didn't even inform me about the fact that my order was invalid.

- I called back on the 26th  after 12pm to ask about the order and was told they were unable to port my number out (from giga. they said i was using a BUSINESS PLAN WITH GIGA)

- They offered to help me cancel the order and refund me and that they would email me the cancelation, but up till today 27/9/20 1508, I have yet to receive any follow up email about the refund. 

- after realising my order was invalid, I made another order using another account. (But my desired device colour was out of stock by the time all this nonsense happened, so I settled for another colour) (they couldn't help me save my device?????) 

- went through the rubbish website again just to make an order (I spent an hour just trying to make an order) 

- device can be selected but cannot be added to cart (rubbish website rly just go try it)

- confirmed my order (somehow they can port it out this time ?? lmfao)

- had to fork out another 1k because their refund takes 4-6 WEEKS to process. Apparently. 

- received an email that they needed a clearer photo of my ic so I sent it to them (THE SAME COPY but is somehow accepted

- received a call to tell me that my order cannot go through because I DIDN'T TYPE MY FULL NAME AS PER NRIC 

- Nothing they can do for me

- device is OOS (ALL COLOURS)

- told to just wait (for the device to be on sale again) and ORDER AGAIN while they process the cancellation

- 2k now with them and if i want a device i need TO PAY ANOTHER 1K while waiting 4-6 WEEKS for my refund

I am currently still a student and cash is not something i have in such abundance. I already borrowed 1k from my partner just because of this and after everything, I still have no device. (Also, i need to pay for another month of my current phone plan because now it has exceeded my billing cycle.

I understand that not everything is their fault, because I made the error in submitting the forms. However, the way starhub handled the situation is insanely trashy and their website is really the worst. (I cannot even go back to the previous step???? I have to resubmit the whole form????!!!) and they keep saying theres nothing they can do for me.

I feel like there are so many things that they need to improve on. All in all, this whole situation has been a nightmare and I would recommend against starhub. 




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2 m ago

Hi @user_f63af4, we're genuinely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please know it's never our intention to make things difficult for you. Nonetheless, we value your feedback as this will help us to continuously improve our services by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on in the future. 

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