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Thu, Dec 3, 2020 10:36 AM

Starhub re-contract SCAM you to change from 1 year contract to 2 year contract

I was under 1 year broadband plan with Starhub since June 2019 at SGD49.9/month. In June 2020, I received a SMS promotion for re-contracting service, click on the link, it shows Starhub page with something similar to [image2]. The promotion can be seen in [image 3] with super special price SGD42.9/month and 3 months free. I signed up and lived on. In the end, it is Starhub right, there is nothing I should be cautious about?

Recently I found out that what I signed is a 2 years plan, not 1 year as I expected. I talked to your hotline agent (super traumatised process with 1 hang up in the middle of conversation [Angelo], 4 broken promised of updating me, and 1 lied in the work report about already informed me [Angelo]), the final conclusion is that you (StarHub) all agree that along my sign up path from SMS promotion, until my sign up process was completed, there was NO INDICATOR, NO TEXT, NO TERM AND CONDITION that I would sign for a 2 year plan instead of my 1 year plan. WTH? I asked one of the agents if there is any other deal or agreement the party only knows after the deal is signed? When you rent a car or a house you know how long it is for right? And if there is anything changes when recontract, it should be known or shown in some way right?  He said those are not broadband service so he doesn't know. Wow, super shady?

In all my conversations, I already told you, if you can PROVE that I could know/see about "2 year" plan, then I will happily pay for the early termination fee of such. All your agent tell me is that I should automatically know @@, SGD 42.9 is the price of 2 years plan ??! WTH? I am being reasonable, if you can show me where I was wrong, any "terms and conditions" I should read but didn't, then you can charge me as you wished.

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