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Fri, Jul 30, 2021 12:11 PM

Poor Starhub Customer Service at 1633

I encounter an issue with mobile phone sometime in May and I had request for a change of the handset as I've opted for the smart support service upon signing up my line with starhub at the start. My phone was delivered sometime in May and I release that the Imei number of my original phone does not tally and the internal storage space was suppose to be 512gb but however the wrong phone they send to me was a 256gb phone. I had call in many times for starhub to resolve the matter with smart support as they had not even come back to me on the matter yet. I seriously felt very disappointed with starhub service despite supporting them for many years. It really seems that starhub is not taking their customer seriously and their service is going down stream. Despite my tight schedule and till today I just made another call to their customer service and waiting for someone to come back. Their customer service by the name of Giselle was very rude either! I hope that the senior management of starhub could see this and clarify on the matters. Thank you. Disappointed !




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Hi @user_19989a, we understand your frustration, and we are genuinely sorry for the delay to resolve your concern. Please know it's never our intention to make things difficult for you. Kindly contact our Customer Support via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below so they could escalate your concern to the relevant team. Apologies for this as we don't have access to your account details here for privacy and security. I hope you understand, thank you. 

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