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Sun, Nov 22, 2020 1:13 PM

How to request disconnection of Starhub HomeHub (Broadband and TV)

Hi -

Can you please tell me how can I initiate the process to disconnect the StarHub Broadband and TV?

Long Story:

Today I visited the StarHub shop to request the renewal of the Broadband and TV contract.

For the Broadband, the StarHub support person informed me that the new Modem cannot work with Google Wifi Routers if I am going with the $49 plan. He further added that I needed to subscribe to a $79 plan to use it with Google Wifi. I have Google wifi at home which works perfectly fine with my existing StarHub connection. The explanation given to me was, the Modem doesn't have a LAN port to connect with Google Wifi routers.

I don't want to use a Nokia router and it was a deal-breaker because I don't want to pay $30 extra to continue using Google Wifi. I don't understand why an internet service-provider becomes so particular about their offering around the router.  :(

My TV+ pass related queries with the flexibility to drop Netflix met the same fate.

If I continue with the existing plan of 1Gbps + TV + AddOns + Mobile Sim only; I will have to continue paying around $135 per month.

I was a loyal customer of StarHub for Mobile + Broadband + TV for the past 8+ years. And, after my experience today at their store, I have decided to:

  • Broadband: Took the Singtel plan of $39 for 1 Gbps which they claim with Google wifi. Already signed up the contract.
  • Mobile: Initiated number-port request my SIM only plan to M1. The request is in progress now.
  • TV: I don't see a need these days due to Apple TV apps providing all the content at a much more flexible subscription model instead of 24 months contract

I still don't understand why StartHub is so adamant about a particular router and why are not flexible in going the extra mile to delight their customers. Let's see how life goes on without StarHub :)

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1 y ago

Hi @cs8002, we are sorry that we have not met your service expectations. Nevertheless, thank you for the 8 years you've been with us. To answer your question, please visit any of our StarHub main outlets located at Plaza Singapura, NEX, Jurong Point, and Tampines Mall and bring all the equipment listed below to terminate your broadband and TV service.


Fibre Broadband
- Optical Network Terminal
- Fibre Patch Cord
- UTP Cable
- Power Adaptor



- Set-Top Box

- Power Code/Adapter for Set-Top Box

- Remote Control


The service will be terminated accordingly once the equipment has been returned. Please note that a disconnection fee of $32.10 applies.

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