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Wed, May 5, 2021 1:19 AM

StarHub RENEW programme about recycling e-waste

Hi! I was just wondering about how effective the StarHub RENEW programme for recycling e-waste has been. Although there are over 400 bins islandwide, I often do not see many people recycling their e-waste there. 

This programme is really important and I think that perhaps its potential has been under-maximised. What feedback do we have to improve the accessibility of the bins and have there been efforts to give incentives to the public so that more will recycle the e-waste?

Has there been enough active publicity for this programme?

I think there is really potential for this programme to get more Singaporeans to recycle their e-waste, however what are some ways we can improve on this programme?





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1 m ago

Hi @Cheryl_Soh, warmest welcome to GreenR Community! Thanks for your interest in our RENEW programme. Sad to say, StarHub will be progressively bringing its RENEW bin network to a close by 30 June 2021. Come July 2021, we encourage everyone to drop off their e-waste for recycling through the Government’s new e-waste collection system. More information about the collection locations will be available soon. 

~ Carla



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