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Mon, May 16, 2016 1:00 AM

Post Your Suggestion Here/General Discussion

Dear all, 


We will use this board for the following purpose.


  • Suggestion towards further improvement for AutoZone Service.
  • General discussion about AutoZone Service (e.g. most liked features etc)


Thank you

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6 y ago

The 2 setup scenarios are router and repeater. For router, one connects to MIF and the other to MOL. For this scenario, can I connect one to MIF and the other to a homeplug which taps on the same MIF? If not allowed, then i will set up as the repeater method.


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6 y ago

Yes, the 2nd router can be connected to the Homeplug and configured as a router (bridge method).


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5 y ago

DIR-868L Autozoning Trials Guide.

Test Result:


1.  On "Testing Scenario" and "Condition to Pass" = both Pass.


2.  Starhub Broadband Plan = 500Mbps.  Wireless using Note Edge.

2.1.  Wired speed test on router (PC) = close to 500Mbps.

2.2.  Router speed test on 2.4 GHz = 104 Mbps

2.3.  Router speed test on 5 GHz = 399 Mbps.

2.4.  Repeater speed test on 2.4 GHz = <100Mbps

2.5.  Repeater speed test on 5 GHz =  <400Mbps.


3.  Trials Survey

3.1.  HDB 3 bedrooms

3.2.  One, that is me.

3.3.  About 10. Mostly smartphones.

3.4.  Active usage = 1 Laptop, Note Edge, S6, Redmi Note 2.

3.5.  No problem.  Wireless coverage is good.

3.6.  Smartzone useful = 7 /10

3.7.  Configure, install and use = 7 /10

3.8.  Feature reliable = 7 /10

3.9.  Wireless experience = 8 /10

3.10.  Pay extra = Yes. Provided no problem & if router/repeater are free.

3.11.  Recommendation = Yes. Provided no problem & if router/repeater are free.






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